Modern problems require modern solutions and BioNEST at IKP Knowledge Park, IKP EDEN, Bangalore, serve as a launchpad for innovators and entrepreneurs trying to solve health and environmental problems using modern scientific techniques. IKP-BioNEST, supported by the BioNEST funding programme of BIRAC, a Govt. Of India Enterprise, provides access to professional experts, facilities, offices, investors and collaborators for cutting-edge product development.

IKP-BioNEST situated at IKP EDEN, Koramangala, Bangalore is a unique model for supporting startups with hardware prototyping solutions along with testing and research capabilities for biomedical device and diagnostics development under one roof. The 1000 sq.ft wet-laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as Biochemistry Analyser, Thermal Cycler, Class II Biosafety Cabinets along with ISO7 clean room to meet cell culture and tissue engineering demands.

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BioNEST at IKP EDEN also organises various workshops and events targeting biologists and non-biologists alike. We also offer hands on training on very simple yet important techniques used in biology. These workshops were started with the aim of increasing awareness about biology among those who aren’t from the field of biology. “It helped me, an engineer by training to isolate his first ever DNA. Baby steps towards understanding essence of life”, said of one particular individual who attended this workshop on DNA isolation.  To know more about the workshops and training programs, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Located within the heart of the city, IKP EDEN is easily accessible to hospitals, research institutes and business offices. With all equipment at one place and available for your prototyping needs at best charges, BioNEST at IKP EDEN is the place for your startup. 

October 2022

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Dr Priyankana Mukherjee,
Manager – BioNEST
C/O IKP EDEN, 16, Bhuvanappa Layout,
Opp. Forum Mall, Tavarekere Main Road, Bengaluru-560029
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