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IKP Knowledge Park (www.ikpknowledgepark.com) is a not for profit (earlier Section 25, now Section 8 company) science park with a 200 acre campus in Hyderabad, that houses over 45 companies that employ nearly 3000 scientists. We also run a startup incubator that focuses on wet lab research (for biology, biotech and chemistry startups). IKP has been in operation since the year 2000, and has served over 150 companies with infrastructure, incubation and seed fund support. As part of helping out startups, we also manage grant funds raised from different organizations, and channel these grant funds to deserving startups. We have funded more than 70 projects in startups in the last 3 years.

Pricing Plans for Engineering Teams: tiny.cc/edenoffering
Pricing Plans for Biotech/chemistry Teams: tiny.cc/eden_bionest

We felt that Bangalore has the best ecosystem for engineering and industrial design, and inspired by the TechShops and FabLabs of the US, we decided to set up such a center in Bangalore. We just leased out an independent 25,000 sft building opposite Forum (on the Taverekere Industrial Layout side), and are fitting out the space. We are calling it IKPEDEN™, for Engineering, Design and Entrepreneurship Network. We expect that the space will accommodate 250 individuals, or 40-50 startups!!!

Connect with us to set up an appointment to show you the Work in Progress!!! Fill out the SURVEY (https://goo.gl/Sq2YCw) and we will get in touch.

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