IKP  EDEN is a Startup Incubator with an in-house DIY Makerspace.

EDEN stands for Engineering, Design, and Entrepreneurship Network. We want people to learn, we want hobbyists and makers to turn into entrepreneurs, and start a hardware product revolution. India has the talent; all we need is the right support networks, and a super makerspace to help with the prototyping. IKP – EDEN is also as a co-working space where you can meet some of the smartest minds, that will help you realize the potential of your idea.

Opposite Forum Mall in Koramangala, we found a 25,000 sqft building that will be one of the homes to IKP  EDEN for the next several years. Four floors of awesomeness awaits the enthusiasm and energy of Bangalore. And yes, we have a fine terrace for hosting events, while taking in the magnificent views of the Koramangala skyline.

We went live in Bangalore on September 15, 2015!!! Visit us when you have the chance. We promise it will change the way you think about design and engineering!!!


One thought on “IKP EDEN

  1. I am an inventor who had participated in CHEMTECH WORLD EXPO 2015 and had won 50k for the prototype I made of an air scrubber. I would like to work here in the near future to invent.


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