We are host to some of the most exciting startups in Bangalore. Call us or just drop by, to see how you can take your product development to the next level.

Companies that are incubated at IKP EDEN

  1. Agilebot Automation Pvt Ltd
  2. Ariano Instruments Pvt Ltd
  3. Astrogate Labs India Pvt Ltd
  4. Atherm Thermal Solutions India Pvt Ltd
  5. Biodesign Innovation Labs Private Limited
  6. Comofi Medtech Pvt Ltd
  7. Elvago Technologies CodeMonk
  8. Emflux Motors Pvt Ltd
  9. Euphotics Labs Pvt Ltd (KitchenX)
  10. Fermedicius Labs Pvt Ltd
  11. HealthCubed India Pvt Ltd
  12. Hyperverge Technologies Pvt Ltd
  13. Innaumation Medical Devices LLP
  14. Janitri Innovations Private Limited
  15. Kingsmen Coffee
  16. Kontiki Innovation Labs Private Ltd
  17. LA Mariniere Hospitality Private Limited
  18. Lazy Design Pvt Ltd
  19. LogicHive Solutions Pvt Ltd
  20. Lycan Printing Solutions Pvt Ltd
  21. Neurocog Technologies
  22. Ossus Biorenewables Pvt Ltd
  23. Polydora Technologies Pvt Ltd
  24. Predible Health Pvt Ltd
  25. Ruhm Innovations Pvt Ltd
  26. Samplytics Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Inito)
  27. Sensio Enterprises Pvt Ltd
  28. Skylark Drones Pvt Ltd
  29. Spenroit Technologies Pvt Ltd
  30. Tinkerbee Innovations Private Limited
  31. Trestle Labs Private Limited
  32. Turtle Shell Technologies
  33. Vida Salvateur Pvt Ltd

Graduate Companies

  1. AgroNxt Services Pvt Ltd
  2. Aguadulce Technologies Pvt Ltd
  3. Aindra Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Ameliorate Biotech Pvt Ltd
  5. Arduino Education Initiatives Pvt.Ltd
  6. Asteris Aerospace
  7. Audicor Cardiometrics Pvt Ltd
  8. BendFlex R&D
  9. Bluewave Energy
  10. Bode Animation Solutions
  11. Bode Solutions Pvt Ltd
  12. Chikitsak LifeSciences Pvt Ltd
  13. Chronosphere VR Solutions
  14. Coolar UG
  15. CreatorBot
  16. DropKaffe Food and Beverages
  17. DWAIL Private Limited
  18. Electronut Labs
  19. Elementora Digital Pvt Ltd
  20. Empathy Design Labs Pvt Ltd
  21. EnergWise Labs LLP
  22. Fast Charging Battery Systems – Mahendra Naik
  23. GreendZine Technologies Pvt Ltd
  24. Greenvironment Innovation Marketing India Pvt Ltd
  25. Happy Reliable Surgeries Pvt Ltd
  26. I2 U2 Robotics (now Milagrow)
  27. Ifuture Robotics Pvt Ltd
  28. Imagineering Science Education Pvt Ltd
  29. Inscribe Technovations Private Limited
  30. Inspired Kinematics Pvt Ltd
  31. Jeetlab
  32. Jiva Sciences Pvt Ltd
  33. Karmacorps
  34. Kinematic Automation
  35. Krishworks Technology and Research Labs Private Limited
  36. Mantra Labs Pvt Ltd
  37. Mars Consortium
  38. Myom Neurotech Private Limited
  39. Neospec Labs Pvt Ltd
  40. Niramai Health Analytix Private Limited
  41. Noonic LLC
  42. Nymble Labs
  43. Picsean Media Pvt Ltd
  44. Prayasta 3D Inventions Pvt Ltd
  45. Red Cape Innovations Pvt Ltd
  46. Rise Design Lab
  47. Salcit Technologies Pvt Ltd
  48. Sascan Meditech Pvt. Ltd.
  49. Sensing Local
  50. Sensors without Borders
  51. Sky Krafts Aerospace Pvt Ltd
  52. SolarBox – – Prodip Chatterjee
  53. Storamatic Technology Solutions
  54. Tech For Impact
  55. Terrasense Labs Private Limited
  56. Vchalk Education Private Limited
  57. Vphore Labs Private Limited
  58. Yostra Labs Pvt Ltd

Number of Innovators / Hobbyists: 42

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